About Us was founded by Christopher and Veronica Wendt and their family outside of Steubenville OH. Their mission is to help pass on the true Catholic faith by distributing thousands of authentically Catholic gifts to families throughout the continental US. In these difficult times in the Church and the World, Veronica and Christopher started so that they could help people keep the true Faith of Christ, as passed on by the Apostles, through quality hand-crafted gifts that can be displayed in the home and other places. prides itself with the quality and authenticity of their gifts. They choose the best Catholic artisans in today's market. Each gift on their online store is unique and handcrafted by the owner/artisan or someone in his/her small family-owned business. They do not sell anything mass-produced from overseas. All of their gifts are submitted to the highest standards of quality so that they can be enjoyed by families for a lifetime. All of their products are authentically Catholic.



Christopher and Veronica Wendt and Family