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Thank you for answering our short survey for us. For your free gift, you have two different gifts that you can choose from. 


Gift #1: 

 Catholic ID Card


If you choose the Catholic ID card as your free gift, you will recieve it for free ($3.00 value) and you will not have to pay shipping. So you will recieve this card for absolutley freeThese high-quality Catholic Emergency cards are the size of a regular credit card and made of the same kind of durable plastic. To claim this gift, just click the button below.

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Gift #2

Madonna and Child by Enric M. Vidal Wood Ornament


If you choose this beautiful ornament as your free gift, you will recieve this ornament for free ($12.00 value), but you will have to pay a flat-rate shipping fee of $6.95. The reason why we are charging shipping on the ornament is because it costs more to ship, so we have to charge a small fee to cover the expense. 

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