Dominican Apron (White)

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Dominican Apron (White)

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Cook in style and evangelize at the same time with our white Dominican apron! In a traditional black and white print - the color of a Dominican habit - the Dominican shield rests upon a white apron, made of 65% polysester, 35% cotton twill. The Fleur de Lis cross displays the center of a Dominican's focus: the beauty of the cross of Christ; the distinguished black and white symbolizes the victory of Truth over heresy, purity/joy and penance/humility, and the unity of the body of Christ coming together; the star recalls the founder of the order, St. Dominic, as well as the widespread areas they would rpeach to. "Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare" is the motto for the Order of Preachers: "To praise God; to bless His people; to preach the Gospel." Share devotion to Dominican spirituality, remind yourself to proclaim Truth, or give as a gift to a friend, at the same time protecting yourself or a loved one from getting grease spatters or puffs of flour on your clothing while cooking or baking. Help show the world Who you belong to and Who they can belong to.

These aprons are one size fits all, being 28" long and 20" wide. For carrying around the recipe you are working on, your phone, or other important articles, there are two 7" wide pouch pockets on the front.

Use at a school or work cookout, at your parish brunch, or in the comfort of your home. Life is messy; nourishing others and serving them can be messy too, especially for families with little kids throwing things "into the mix" as well! Serve God and serve others while spreading a message and loving yourself by upkeeping your exterior presentation - and tending to and orienting your interior life to serving God in others. Enjoy nourishing the people of God with the protection and style of this handy apron!