Holy Face Combat Chaplet

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Holy Face Combat Chaplet

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The Holy Face Combat Chaplet™ was inspired by Sr. Mary of St. Peter, a Holy Carmelite Nun of Tours, France, who revealed a devotion by our Lord November 15, 1843. The first 30 beads recall the 30 years of Jesus hidden life. They are divided into 5 of 6 beads each. Each one represents one of the 5 senses. TOUCH, HEARING, SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE. Each decade is said meditating on one of the 5 senses to offer reparative homage for all the suffering and disrespect JESUS endured through the senses of His Holy Face during His passion. The center is an embossed image of Jesus and is similar to that of the Shroud of Turin . Around the edge in Latin are the words "Lord Shine The Light of His countenance upon us". This Chaplet come inside a pocket-sized, Genuine Lambskin Leather pouch and includes a "Concealed Carry Card", "Exorcism & Blessing of the Medal of St Benedict" and the "Holy Face Chaplet Prayer Card"

St. Athanasius said the devils hate "Arise, O Lord and let they enemies be scattered .." more than any other scripture verse. He added that this always compelled them to take flight. The Holy Face Combat Chaplet™ is a favorite of Cardinal Burke’s, especially in times of intense spiritual warfare which we all understand we are in at this moment in time. 100 days extra indulgence for every prayer said before a picture of the Holy Face! Granted by Pope Pius IX, Dec. 11, 1876


Specifications: Durable. Hand assembled with sturdy double split ring connectors. Comes in two colors: gun metal and silver