Holy Family with Grandparents Joachim and Anne Holy Card

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Holy Family with Grandparents Joachim and Anne Holy Card

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Laminated pack: contains 25 cards.
Paper pack: contains 50 cards.

In the year 1820, a Belgian artist named Joseph Paelinck blessed the world with this beautiful and intimate depiction of the Holy Family, unique in that it features not only Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, but also the Grandparents of our Lord, St. Joachim and St. Anne. In the image, the Virgin Mary and her mother St. Anne hold the Christ Child, observed by Mary's husband St. Joseph and her father St. Joachim. The dramatic lighting and the sharply articulated folds of drapery in this intimate work show Paelinck's admiration of Jacques-Louis David's Neoclassical style.

Share your faith with this beautiful holy card! The 2.5"x4.25" holy card features a beautiful image of the Holy Family on the front, with a prayer on the back:



Jesus, Mary and Joseph, like you we are
members of the Father's family.
We pray that our family love may
reflect his love on its openness
to all people. May we forgive even
when not forgiven, and be patient
with others' weaknesses.

Jesus, give us peace, unity
and strength to meet the difficulties
of daily living. May we use our family
resources to improve the quality
of life for ourselves and all people.
Let us show joy in serving,
for whatever we do for others,
we do for you.

Mary, inspire us, that our love
may be strong but not possessive.
Let our willingness to give depend
on the needs of others rather
than on the cost of giving.

Joseph, help us to be attentive
to the Father's will. Let us be ready,
as you were, to act
whenever he calls us.


( HC-1030 )