Icon Nativity Set

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Icon Nativity Set

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From the iconographers’ studio at Holy Transfiguration Monastery comes this breathtaking marriage between the ancient art of iconography and the modern popularity of staged nativity scenes. Written by the talented mind and hand of Raymond Vincent, Fr. Damian’s premiere student, the icon nativity set consists of 5 full-color wood figures, along with a large backdrop scene, each 5/8” thick with magnetically-attached bases and gilded gold leaf edges. With its vivid color and rich symbolism, this set will make the perfect devotional piece in your home for years to come.

11.75" backdrop.

( WP-MTS40A )

Learn more about Fr. Damian and the Holy Transfiguration Monastery Monks of Mount Tabor here:

About Mount Tabor Studios

Mount Tabor Studios is a group of iconographers lead by Fr. Damian Higgins. Under his direction, the work of these highly-skilled lay and religious iconographers is made available worldwide for the first time ever through Catholic to the Max. The heart of their work is bringing Christ to the world through their sacred arts, providing aids to prayer, and spreading the Gospel. They are also proud to promote the work of various iconographers and the call to monastic life.
List of Iconographers involved with Mount Tabor Studios
For those interested in the artists behind these works of sacred art, here is a list of those whose iconography has been a part of Mount Tabor Studios:

Fr. Abbot Damian Higgins
- Raymond Vincent
- Nestor Mykyta
- Bohdan Terletsky
- Fr. Thomas Marretta
- Nestor Mykyshyn
- Fr. George Kuto
- Fr Theodore Jurevich
- Yuri Kuchakov
- Fr. Theodore Koufos
and many more...

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