Jesse Tree Ornaments - Set of 27

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Jesse Tree Ornaments - Set of 27

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This set of 27 Jesse Tree Ornaments will help you see and touch the Advent journey through salvation history. These ornaments are designed and 100% made in Steubenville, Ohio by Catholic families, for Catholic families.

The subjects represented for the daily Advent devotions are based on meditations from The Jesse Tree: An Advent Devotion by Eric and Suzan Sammons.

**Book sold separately**

The number of days of Advent, and therefore the number of these ornaments and devotions, varies quite a bit: as long as 27 days, as short as 22 days. How do you account for this with your ornaments and devotions? Check out this handy chart for one method, doubling up or omitting certain days accordingly.

The Jesse Tree: An Advent Devotion by Eric and Suzanne Sammons is also available here on Catholic to the Max:



List of Prayer Reflections and Ornaments:

1. The Creation of the World
Earth Ornament 
2. Adam and Eve
Apple Ornament
3. Noah
Ark Ornament
4. Abraham
Stars Ornament 
5. Isaac
Ram Ornament
6. Jacob
Ladder Ornament
7. Joseph (Old Testament)
Coat Ornament 
8. Moses
Tablets Ornament 
9. Aaron
Hand in Blessing Ornament
10. Samuel the Prophet
Lamp Ornament
11. King David
Harp Ornament 
12. The Good Shepherd
Shepherd’s Crook Ornament 
13. King Solomon
Crown Ornament
14. Elijah the Prophet
Raven Ornament 
15. Isaiah the Prophet
Tongs with Ember Ornament
16. Ezekiel the Prophet
Heart Ornament
17. Nehemiah the Prophet
Church Ornament 
18. The Messiah
Dawn Ornament
19. Zechariah the Prophet
Censor Ornament
20. Gabriel the Archangel
Angel Ornament
21. The New Covenant
River Ornament
22. Mary
Lily Ornament
23. Magnificat
Mary with Bowed Head Ornament
24. John the Baptist
Font Ornament
25. Joseph (New Testament)
Carpenter’s Tools Ornament 
26. The Wise Men
Star of Bethlehem Ornament 
27. Baby Jesus
Manger Ornament