Resurrection of Christ by Coypel Canvas - Standard Gold Framed Art

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Resurrection of Christ by Coypel Canvas - Standard Gold Framed Art

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This breathtaking image by 18th-century French painter Noël Coypel, depicts Jesus’ glorious, but brief, return to life on earth and His victory over death in fulfillment of the Scriptures. In this depiction, Jesus makes a majestic entrance, emerging from dark clouds in a burst of light, eyes lifted towards the heavens. He holds aloft a triumphant white banner with a red cross in its center. The symbolic choice of white found in the garments of the angel suggests purity, innocence, and holiness. The angel’s right arm extends outward, while his left points up to Jesus, heralding Christ's return. His serene gaze falls upon the two women to his right who look upon their risen Lord with awe and reassurance. The women stand in stark contrast to the three Roman centurions on the left side of the image, who are in darkness, both figuratively and literallyThey seem to think that their mortal weapons will offer them some form of shelter from the supernatural event they witness. Not only are the Romans in the darkest corner of the piece, but their actions and fear make clear that they are also “in the dark” in terms of understanding Jesus as the Messiah.  

This vibrant and luminous image is wonderfully complemented by either an attractive gold or an antique dark ornate frame under premium clear glass. A truly artistic and religious addition to any home! 

 (Glass Size:24x36)