San Damiano Relief Cross

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San Damiano Relief Cross

This San Damiano relief cross is 17.75"x13" and is produced by Roman™ in their Joseph Studios® collection.  Appropriately, Our Lord is cast in high relief, emphasizing him as the main focal point, whereas all of the surrounding details are cast in low relief. Jesus's realistic rendering compared with the simple rendering of the background causes him to stand out even more. The cross itself is made of resin and weighs 4.35lbs. After it was cast, it was hand-painted in earthy and golden tones. Unlike the original San Damiano cross, the border is ornamented with a garland of gold-painted leaves. This crucifix would make an excellent addition to any home, parish, or Catholic business. Its beauty, intermingled with the rich symbolism retained from the original makes it a robust object of meditation. 


( R-40702 )