Shipping Information

We are currently only shipping to those in the US.  We are not accepting international orders at this time.


A minimum purchase of $75 dollars is necessary in order to qualify for free shipping. Free shipping is only available inside the continental U.S.--this excludes Alaska, Hawaii, foreign U.S. Military Bases and Embassies, and all International Shipments. Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for your free shipping items to arrive. If you need your items less than 4 weeks from the day you place your order, we do not recommend selecting free shipping.

Why 2-4 weeks? Many of our USA-made products are created on-demand; instead of coming from overseas in shipping containers, they are built in our shops in as orders come in. When you place a free shipping order, you are allowing us 2-4 weeks to gather enough ordered products like yours so we can do a decent production run. As manufacturing goes, the more products you can make at a time, the less time you have to spend per product. Time equals money, so when you give us more time, we save money, and can in turn pass those savings along to you in the form of free shipping!