St. Joan of Arc Banner Stand

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St. Joan of Arc Banner Stand

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This banner stand is 78" tall by 33" wide and features the valiant image of St. Joan of Arc in her shining armor and with her weapon, the flag for Christ. In reality, the banner stand can be extended several inches more, but a total height of 78" is our recommendation for the best combination of visibility and stability. Fully retractable and stored in an aluminum case, it takes less than a minute to extend the telescopic pole and unroll the banner.  Each unit includes a nylon travel bag for storage and transport, making the banner stand an excellent tool for priests, professors, and missionaries who travel and give talks about the saints. 

St. Joan of Arc, the Maid of France, is renowned for her courageous leadership of the French army during the Hundred Years War. This beautiful depiction of St. Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles III in the Cathedral of Rheims is by French Neoclassical artist Jean Aguste Dominique Ingres. Through a series of visions beginning at the age of 12, Joan was led by God and the angels and saints of Heaven to make known Charles as the rightful King of France. She was empowered to lead the French troops in battle and carried no weapon except for a banner with the victorious Christ upon it. Eventually, the saint was betrayed and cruelly and falsely condemned to be burned at the stake as a heretic. Faithfully, she forgave her persecutors at the stake, as she continually cried out the name of Jesus while the flames consumed her. Soon after her death, it was ruled that she was illegally condemned. St. Joan of Arc, pray for us and help us to be courageous for Christ in our everyday circumstances, to battle for the Kingdom of God.