St. Peter's Deluxe Stations of the Cross matted and framed (Set of 14)

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St. Peter's Deluxe Stations of the Cross matted and framed  (Set of 14)

These beautiful reproductions of the Stations of the Cross are triple-matted in black over shape-cut gold and cream and come in an ornate gold frame under premium clear glass. This set of 14 Stations provides a great source of meditation upon the Passion of Christ and is the perfect addition to the Lenten season. 

The Emmerich Stations of the Cross set is named after Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, the German nun and mystic who experienced visions of the life and passion of Jesus Christ, and wrote the highly influential meditation The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus ChristThis set of stations was painted in the German style by an unknown artist in the late 19th century. Recognizable for its illuminated golden halos around the heads of Christ and His followers, as well as for the rich contrast and shadowing throughout the set, the Emmerich Stations of the Cross convey the beauty and sacrifice of Jesus’ Passion with a blend of modern and traditional styles. 

This set of stations will make an outstanding addition to your church, chapel, or home devotion, and serves as a poignant and inspired reminder of Our Lord's love for us.   

The sizes given are of the overall size of the matted pieces before framing.  

( NWM-320 )